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Since 1976, Dr. Gadlage has helped thousands of patients with sinusitus and chronic sinusitus be able to breathe easier and reduce painful inflammation and swelling by utilizing leading edge procedures and treatments.



The sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones around the nose that connect to the nose through small, narrow channels. The sinuses stay healthy when the channels are open, which allows air from the nose to enter the sinuses and mucus made in the sinuses to drain into the nose.

Sinusitis, also called rhinosinusitis, affects about 1 in 8 adults annually and generally occurs when viruses or bacteria infect the sinuses (often during a cold) and begin to multiply. Part of the body’s reaction to the infection causes the sinus lining to swell, blocking the channels that drain the sinuses. This causes mucus and pus to fill up the nose and sinus cavities.

Chronic Sinusitus

Chronic Sinusitis: Lasts for 12 weeks or longer and is usually caused by prolonged inflammation, rather than a longstanding infection. Chronic sinusitis lasts for a longer period of time than acute sinusitis and is likely caused by different things. Acute sinusitis is diagnosed when symptoms last up to 4 weeks.


It is usually caused by viruses or bacteria. Chronic sinusitis is defined as lasting for 12 weeks or longer and is usually caused by prolonged inflammation, rather than a longstanding infection. Infection can be a part of chronic sinusitis, especially when it worsens from time to time, but is not usually the main cause.

Sinus Evaluations

There are several methods of testing for determining causes of sinusitus, including a review of past medical history and any previous treatment methods and medications.  Cultures and diagnostic testing, including fiber-optic video through endoscopic visualization of the sinus areas, may be performed.

  • There may be a need for further diagnostic x-rays including a CAT scan of the sinuses, which will also be performed and reviewed in the office with you.​

  • If it makes sense to have a complete Allergy evaluation and skin testing, we will be able to refer you to our Colleague and in office Allergist & Sinus/Sleep Apnea Surgeon, Dr. Kim E. Schmitt.

  • All testing and treatment is done on site in our office for the best continuity of care for our patients.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Dr. Gadlage's practice has been recognized as a Center of Excellence for Balloon Sinuplasties; he was one of the first ENT's in the South- over 10 years ago- who routinely peformed the procedures.

He now has performed thousands of balloon sinuplasties with highly successful results, and also routinely performs in-office balloon sinuplasties.

In-Office Balloon Sinuplasties 


Are conducted in the office under local anesthesia, are minimally invasive compared to traditional sinus surgery, with quicker procedure and recovery times in general.

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