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  • A complete history and physical examination will be performed which may include reviewing a past history of what methods have been tried before.

  • Medications may be tried, cultures may be taken, and more diagnostic tests may be performed (including examination of the sinus and nasal region or even fiber-optic video endoscopic visualization of the nasal and sinus areas).

  • There may be a need for further diagnostic x-rays including a CAT scan of the sinuses, which will also be performed and reviewed in the office with you.​

  • If it makes sense to have a complete Allergy evaluation and skin testing, we will be able to refer you to our  Allergist, Sinus & Sleep Apnea Surgeon,  Dr. Kim E. Schmitt.

  • All testing and treatment is done on site in our office for the best continuity of care for our patients.

If you are considering sinus surgery, please discuss this with Dr. Gadlage to learn which techniques are an option: whether in the operating room as an outpatient, or in the office under local anesthesia via balloon sinuplasty technique; he is highly skilled in either technique, but the final decision is the patient’s.

To find out if you would be a candidate for the balloon sinuplasty

contact us today and we will be glad to help answer any questions you have.

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